Microsoft Word Vulnerability

Microsoft will be patching a security vulnerability that was recently noticed in Word. The bug allows malicious software to attack an unsuspecting user’s PC with an infected Word document.

The flaw was reported at the weekend and emails have already been noticed that are being sent out to exploit it. These will allow attackers to gain access to bank account details on a victims computer.

To protect yourself against these sort of vulnerabilities and attacks, we urge you to carry out the following:

  • Always exercise extreme caution with email attachments, even from known sources. They may look genuine, but could still contain malicious software.
  • If you do open an attachment and you are asked to ‘click to enable macros’, please think long and hard before you do ‘click’. Are you 100% confident the attachment is from a trusted source?
  • Ensure your computers have the latest security patches. Organisations that work with Vantage IT benefit from our PatchSafe Software Updates service to ensure they are up to date.
  • Use anti-virus software that is updated and configured correctly.
  • Make use of an effective email anti-spam service, such as MailSafe Anti-Spam from Vantage IT.
  • If you do click on anything and are worried that it could be infected, don’t delay. Contact your IT support provider as soon as possible so they can take action.

For more information about how to stay safe, please contact Vantage IT.