PatchSafe Software Updates Service

Software manufacturers constantly release updates to fix security flaws and to improve performance and usability. It can be difficult keeping PCs up-to-date with all these fixes while at the same time keeping security risks at a minimum.

The Vantage PatchSafe hosted software patching service is the answer to this familiar headache. PatchSafe includes the latest updates from Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, Zoom and many other common applications. Using PatchSafe will:

  • Improve security
  • Improve usability
  • Reduce support costs

Improve security:  Installing the latest updates reduces the risk of infection by malicious software and the associated costs with its removal.
Improve usability of PCs:  It is becoming increasingly common for applications to be frequently updated. Without the latest versions, users may be unable to view certain website content or open PDF documents.
Reduce support costs:  Substantial savings are possible with Vantage PatchSafe. Rather than performing the lengthy process of updating multiple computers remotely or during site visits, Vantage PatchSafe can install the updates in the background.
Laptops out in the field can be included in the service too, so there is no need for them to return to the office for updates to be installed.
On top of all these benefits, if users require additional applications to be installed, for example Firefox, Vantage PatchSafe can deploy these too and, once installed, keep them updated.
Please contact us for more information about the Vantage IT PatchSafe service.

PatchSafe Additional Details

PatchSafe Additional Details
Find out more about the benefits of our PatchSafe Software Updating service.

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PatchSafe Supported Product List

PatchSafe Supported Product List
The full, comprehensive list of software that PatchSafe will keep updated.

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