Network Switches

All the components used in your office IT network need to be connected together – which is the function of the network switch. High quality switches are essential to ensure unbroken communication between your servers, PCs, printers and the internet.

Vantage IT supplies, configures and installs switches from HPE and Netgear, ranging from basic un-managed switches simply required to transfer data between devices on the network to managed switches capable of advanced traffic management. Switches from Vantage offer the following:

  • Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN)
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Optical Fibre

Managed switches enable the introduction of VLANs which separate network traffic, even though it passes through the same switches. Virtual networks can then be deployed into an organisation without the need for multiple sets of cabling and network devices.
Devices such as wireless access points and telephone handsets can be powered through network cabling rather than using a separate power supply. This is where Power over Ethernet switches can be used.
Telephone systems can be integrated into modern IT networks and this can be assisted with the use of switches with VLAN and PoE functionality.
To find out how Vantage IT can implement a network switch for your organisation, please contact us now.