The variety of printers available is daunting but by working out your requirements, the ideal solution can be supplied by Vantage IT.

We have installed many printers for numerous applications. These range in size from small, battery powered, portable, inkjet printers for remote users wanting to produce documents while away from the office to large, multi-function, colour, laser printers that are workhorses for office printing environments.
Inkjet printers have improved in recent years and can be used in many more applications than would previously have been considered. There are also some models that are incredibly fast. Inkjet printers would generally be considered for a smaller number of users or where a cheaper colour option is needed. For workgroups and high quality printing, laser printers are preferable.
There are many additional features that are available, such as scanning, copying and multi-bin finishers. Some printers also offer wireless printing to enable users to print directly from mobile devices.
We offer our customers the Complete IT Solution, so supply and install printers to suit their needs. Whatever printer you require, from a small desktop to a large multi-function printer (MFP), we are able to help, so please contact us to ask for details of the models suitable for your application.