Networking from Vantage IT Solutions

Whether upgrading an existing network or starting from scratch, Vantage IT can specify, configure, supply and install the hardware and software required to run both internal and external networks.

Vantage IT has the knowledge to bring together all the components that make up a network, such as switches, wireless access points, routers and firewalls then provide the ongoing support to keep then running smoothly.


With security paramount in any network, firewalls are a necessity.

Firewalls will stop unwanted access to your network and can also be used to restrict internal access to unwanted external web sites and enable you to create virtual private network (VPN) between remote users and your own systems.

Vantage IT has considerable experience in providing secure firewall configurations and VPN solutions to a wide range of businesses. There is no standard configuration – each one is tailored to your network and your needs.

We are pleased to be able to recommend and supply WatchGuard and Cisco security products, enabling us to supply firewall products to suit a wide variety of networks and complexities.


All the components used in the office on a network need to be connected together – which is the function of the network switch.

Vantage IT supplies, configures and installs switches from HP and Netgear, ranging from basic un-managed switches simply required to transfer data between devices on the network to managed switches capable of handling virtual local area networks (VLAN) and Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Telephone systems can be integrated into modern IT networks and this can be assisted with the use of switches with VLAN and PoE functionality.


A router can be used for transferring data between internal or external networks. Most people will associate routers with allowing access to the internet but they can also be used to enable two separate networks within an organisation to securely communicate.

Vantage IT is has the knowledge to specify and install the router needed for your application from manufacturers such as Netgear and Cisco.

Structured Cabling and Wireless Access Points

Having all the hardware will be of no use unless it can all be connected together. We have installed structured network cabling for many customers, whether it is several points to expand existing networks or to specify and install multi-point networks in new office environments. Network installations can include Cat5e, Cat6 or optical fibre cabling, patch panels and cabinets.

Many customers also require wireless access points to be supplied and installed, enabling guests to gain access to the internet or occasional users to access the office network.

Vantage IT prides itself on providing the Complete IT Solution to our customers, so whether you need IT support, hardware or the installation of a new network, we would be happy to help.

To gain a greater insight into how Vantage IT is able to help you, please call us or complete the form on this page. More details can also be found in our brochure.

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