Environmental Monitoring

Would you know if your server room was getting too hot or water was leaking in? The sooner you are aware of a problem, the sooner you can take action and save your equipment.

When you implement an effective environmental monitoring and alerting solution, you will avoid the potentially disastrous results of your server room falling victim to a costly environmental failure.
Environmental monitoring can be easily installed in areas where vulnerable equipment needs to be protected. Sensors will detect a variety of potentially damaging developments, such as:

  • The room is getting too hot
  • A water pipe is leaking
  • Fire has broken out
  • There is a power failure
  • A secure door has been left open

If any of these circumstances happened in your server room, how long would it be before you knew? Would it be early enough to take action or would it be when expensive equipment has been damaged and your IT network has become unusable?
An environmental monitor will detect changes in the server room and notify you immediately by either email, text, telephone voice alert, SNMP or web alerts.
Vantage IT can supply and install a room monitor for your application, so please contact us and start protecting your vital IT equipment today.

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