PCs, Laptops and Tablets

Whether upgrading an existing network or starting from scratch, Vantage IT can specify, supply and support the hardware and software required to run both internal and external networks.

Despite the predicted death of the desktop PC, they are still important in many organisations. Many office users will use desktop PCs while remote staff use laptops and tablets. Some members of staff use all three.

There is a huge array of desktop PCs, laptops and tablet computers available on the market and it can be daunting to try to identify the most appropriate models. PCs are available as tower, microtower, small form factor, ultra-slim and all-in-one. Laptops have an array of screen sizes, functionality and form factors. Tablets are now also a consideration for users on the move and are available in a choice of variants.
Vantage IT can eliminate the product confusion by offering advice to enable you to select the models that best meet your needs. Many desktop PCs and laptops we supply are manufactured by HP because of their renowned high quality and reliability, but we are not restricted to supplying only one brand – instead we help you decide which is best for your application and budget. This way you really get the product you need, not the most expensive, or the most profitable for us.
Tablets are becoming increasingly popular with non-office based staff because of their small size and ease of use. Vantage IT can supply tablets and set them up to allow secure access to your network with Hosted Exchange Online Email or our Websafe Secure Mobile Email service.
If you are not sure what would be the most appropriate style of computer for your needs, please contact us and we will determine your exact requirements. Whatever is chosen, we are able to integrate computers into your current network and provide ongoing IT support.