3: Recommendation Leads to Entire Network

Vantage IT was contacted by a lady whose husband had recommended us for our high quality service, as we supplied and supported the computers at his organisation.

She had been given the task of relocating the UK office of an international company to Buckinghamshire. Obviously, functionality and reliability are always important, but in this instance appearance was also a major consideration. We were asked to keep the size of the PCs to a minimum, so the desks looked uncluttered.
Our recommendation was to use compact computers that could be tucked neatly behind LCD displays. To finish off the uncluttered desk, the PCs used cordless keyboards and mice. Again with appearance in mind, we installed a UPS under each desk to provide power back-up for every user. The equipment ensured the users were given a modern, attractive environment to work in, but at the same time, practicality wasn’t compromised.
In addition to the PCs, Vantage IT was responsible for installing the company’s IT infrastructure which included a server, switch and firewall. This was completed in good time for the office’s opening and we were on hand to support the customer during this period and have continued to do so.
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