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WebSafe Secure Mobile Email

Vantage WebSafe is a secure mobile email service that provides remote access to your emails without compromising the security of your network.

Accessing corporate emails on your phone or tablet is a requirement of modern life, but doing so when those emails are behind a firewall can be difficult without lowering your IT system’s defences.

Vantage IT has introduced WebSafe to offer a unique solution to this challenge. Vantage WebSafe acts as a secure gateway to which all your phones and tablets link. WebSafe then communicates with your mail server, thus protecting your network from internet threats. Key Benefits of Vantage WebSafe include:

Protecting Your IT Systems

Allows users to access emails while at the same time protecting your IT systems

No Hardware Installation

Cloud-based service so no hardware installation is necessary

Wide Range Of Compatibility

WebSafe works with Exchange Server and many smartphones and tablets. These include iPhones, iPads, plus devices running Android and Windows Phone

Enhancing Security And Accessibility

WebSafe is particularly useful in Small Business Server environments, where one server performs all processes, including Exchange, Active Directory, file and print sharing etc. Exposing such a server to the internet is not good practice, since any breach in security could render the entire server unusable and the data it holds at risk of theft or malicious damage.

HCL Domino (formerly IBM Domino and Lotus Domino) is supported, giving a very low-cost alternative to the only other solution of a second server and Domino licence. With IBM Notes Traveler (formerly Lotus Notes Traveler) installed on your Domino server, WebSafe for Domino gives you the ability to access your emails on both iPhones and iPads.

Other devices are being added all the time, so if yours differs please contact us for the latest information about the Vantage IT WebSafe service.

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