5: Over a Decade of Supporting a Growing Customer

Most of our customers have been with Vantage IT for many years, developing great relationships and growing together.

One of our first customers, a Milton Keynes based market-leading food manufacturing company, contacted us over a decade ago when they needed five PCs networked together (in those days, the most economical way to do that was with co-ax cable!).
They have grown from those early beginnings to now have servers at head office that are accessed by over thirty local users. In addition, there are fifteen remote users with laptops, all of whom access the head office systems using VPN technology. Vantage IT is responsible for the support and maintenance of both the head office users and the remote workers, who are spread throughout the UK and Northern Ireland.
Not long ago, our customer was purchased by a large, well-known multinational company. Not only has Vantage IT been retained by the customer, but our reputation for quickly and efficiently resolving problems has resulted in us being asked to assist other companies owned by the multinational.
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