IT Support Features and Benefits

Our IT support service is available either by yearly contract with the Complete IT Solution, on a short-term contract using our 30 Day Contract IT Support or by non-contract, Pay-As-You-Go support.

All services are flexible and can be tailored to your needs, whilst still maintaining an exceptionally high level of service.

The table below gives details of the features and benefits available with our support services. We would be happy to discuss additional options if they are required for your particular setup.

Feature Complete IT Solution 30 Day Support Pay-As-You-Go Support
Contract type 12 months 30 days non-contract
Guaranteed 4-hour response (1 hour for critical problems) by an experienced technician included included not included
Security fixes and patch installation included included Optional
Remote monitoring included included not included
Free server health check included included not included
Proactive service included included not included
Inclusive support minutes included included not included
Telephone, secure-remote and on-site support included included included
No emergency call-out fee included included included
No premium rate telephone charges included included included
Out of hours emergency telephone support Optional Optional not included
Security audit Optional Optional Optional
DataSafe Online Cloud Backup Optional Optional Optional
Hosted Exchange Cloud Email Optional Optional Optional
MailSafe Anti-Spam Service Optional Optional Optional
Managed Anti-Virus Optional Optional Optional
PatchSafe Software Updates Service Optional Optional Optional
WebSafe Secure Web Proxy Optional Optional Optional

Please contact us now to find out what outsourced IT support from Vantage IT can do for you. Our brochure can be viewed here.