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Managed outsourced IT support tailored to suit you.

Many offices use a large multi-function printer (MFP). These are the big ‘photo copiers’ in the corner of the room. A modern MFP will print, copy, scan and fax (if you are a bit old-school).

Supplies for these printers are expensive, which is where managed print services come in! Because, with the correct service, you won’t have to worry about ordering new supplies or organising maintenance visits again.

The Benefits of Managed Print Services

Utilising Managed Print Services from Vantage IT can have significant benefits across your organisation:

  • Save money
  • Save time with improved efficiency
  • Improve cash flow by reducing capital expenditure
  • Increase your print security

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More predictable costs – Managed Print Services allow you to consolidate your printer and supplies costs, so as a result, provide a more predictable monthly spend.

Impressive security – utilise additional security measures, such as encrypted data transfer and print release by secure code or proximity card. This means you can send a confidential print job to the printer, safe in the knowledge that it will not be released until you are standing in front of the printer. We have even installed printers that use the same proximity cards that unlock the office doors! Consequently, the staff members can carry just the one card to access the building and release prints.

You don’t need to watch toner stock levels and order supplies – we monitor your managed printers to ensure we receive up-to-date usage information. New supplies will be automatically sent to your office when consumables run low. You will therefore only receive replacements when they are required – so no more stockpiling of  unused toners!

Replace old, inefficient technology – modern printers are much more efficient. Don’t let old printers be a drain on your resources. Above all, you can save time and money.


Vantage IT for Your Managed Print

You certainly need to know your managed print provider understands printers and the environment they will be installed in. For the reason, Vantage IT is the ideal choice. With our knowledgeable IT support team and experience with printers, we are ideally placed to implement the printer solutions suitable for your application.   We will seamlessly manage your office print infrastructure while you concentrate on your real business.   If the contract for your current multi-function printer is coming to an end, contact Vantage IT to find out how we can enable your organisation to save money, improve your efficiency and implement increased security.   Please contact us to find out how you can enjoy the best print solution for your office.
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