A server is the centre of an IT network so it is essential that it is reliable and always available. You may have a network running a single server that performs many tasks or a multi-server setup where each server runs specific applications.

Whichever it is, you can benefit from the experience Vantage IT has attained from supplying, configuring and supporting servers for many environments.
If you require a server, your need is determined by the tasks to which it will be put. Only once these are fully analysed does Vantage IT seek to find the right equipment. Whatever the server’s tasks may be, reliability and maximum uptime are critical. Other essential factors taken into consideration are:

  • Style of server – tower, rackmount or blade
  • How many users will be accessing it
  • Amount of data to be stored
  • Software that will be used
  • Type of data backup required (such as online)

Your server is essential to your business continuity, so Vantage IT supplies HP servers and has done for many years. They are renowned for their high quality and reliability which gives us the confidence that an HP server would be the ideal solution for your needs.
A properly configured and supported server will provide years of trouble-free running for your organisation. Please contact us with your requirements and we can provide details of the most appropriate server for your application.