Vantage IT works with partners who are foremost innovators in their fields. We will only supply products from world class suppliers. These are some of the partners with whom we are proud to be associated.

APC Partner

Primarily known for its Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and power distribution products, APC offers more than just battery backups.

No company should be without protection for its servers and other important hardware from voltage spikes and power cuts. While power cuts can obviously stop a business in its tracks (not to mention corrupt or lose data), voltage spikes can go unnoticed yet cause hardware failures days or weeks after the event. APC devices reduce the risks associated with varying power quality yet at the same time maximise run time.

Other products available from APC include rack enclosures, cooling solutions, management tools to remotely monitor and control systems, audio-video solutions, power generation, inverters, notebook and mobility products and networking and cabling solutions.

Batteries in all UPSs have a finite life and Vantage IT can supply and install original APC battery replacements too.

APC Partner

Vantage IT is a Cisco business partner. Cisco offers the very finest network devices, such as switches and routers, with security always taking precedence in their design. Cisco also manufacturers various interfaces and modules to enhance the capabilities of its product range. In addition, network management solutions, content networking, optical networking, storage networking, gateways and access servers, video and IP communications and wireless products are all available.

Vantage IT has been a long-standing Hewlett-Packard partner, selling and supporting its products since our company’s inception. The HP range of products is extremely broad, covering all manner of devices, such as palmtops, laptops, desktops, servers, storage, workstations, printers… The list is one of the most wide-ranging and diverse in the IT industry.

in 2015, HP split into two companies to better focus its resources. HP Inc concentrates on laptops, desktops, tablets, displays and printers with Hewlett Packard Enterprise focusing on servers, networking equipment and storage devices.

Vantage IT’s established relationship with HP has enabled us to become very familiar with both its products and processes, often enabling us to supply and support its products much more comprehensively than other, larger organisations.

The quality and reliability of HP’s products has rarely been questioned and we often recommend them for these very reasons.

Trellix Partner

Trellix (formally McAfee) is largely known for its highly-regarded anti-virus offerings, which successfully protect PCs, servers, mail gateways and almost every other possible point of entry for viruses and malicious software a company could expect to defend. Other security products are available, such as anti-spyware and anti-spam, encryption, plus intrusion prevention for both systems and networks.

Being a Microsoft partner, Vantage IT is best placed to advise on their wide range of business software, from desktop applications such as Office (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc) to server systems running Windows Server, Exchange and SQL. With the introduction of Microsoft’s mobile applications, their product offering is larger than ever and with Vantage IT’s help you can be assured of finding the most suitable software for your needs.

In addition, Vantage IT is a Microsoft Authorised Education Partner, ensuring Vantage IT is able to offer the broadest range of Microsoft products across business and education.

NEC Partner

NEC Display Solutions manufactures high quality LCD desktop displays, public displays and projectors. Users spend many hours viewing displays, so it is vital they produce a good quality image and are ergonomically designed to encourage correct posture. Vantage IT has supplied NEC displays for many years and, in addition to them being of a high quality, we have also found them to be competitively priced and reliable. The NEC range covers most display applications, from desktop to large 70 inch public displays.

Netgear Partner

Netgear manufactures networking products such as switches, wireless access points and routers. Their range of reliable, affordable networking products is ideal for small to medium sized businesses.

Vantage IT is a business partner of Netgear so can specify and install the ideal product for your application. We have been supplying their products for many years and built a good understanding their quality and functionality.

Kroll Ontrack Partner

There are times when hard drives fail and data has not been backed up. This can be crucial company information that would cost thousands to replace or personal photos that can never be replaced. If you experience a hard drive failure and your data is so important it needs to be recovered, Ontrack can help. They are one of the worlds most advanced and experienced providers of data recovery services.

If you have a hard drive, optical disk or backup tape that is non-operational, Kroll Ontrack has the equipment and knowledge required to recover your seemingly lost data.

Sage Partner

Sage is the UK’s leading supplier of accounting, payroll, retail and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for small and mid-market companies. Specialist applications are available for manufacturing, construction and accountants in practice.

Sage is a British company, meaning that its software has been designed from the bottom up to meet the needs of start-up, small and medium-sized businesses based in the United Kingdom.

Veritas Partner

Veritas will forever be known to most as providing the leading data backup solutions available. Even in its simplest form, Veritas Backup Exec has proven time and time again how effective it can be when backing up and restoring data on Windows servers.

With a wide range of optional plug-ins such as Open File Option and agents for SQL, Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Domino, you can ensure all of your data is safely backed up. With these options, it is even quicker to restore a server back to a running state, including all the programs and users’ data too.

Veritas was formally part of Symantec but separated in 2015. It offers software and solutions for client backup, server clustering, data replication, storage automation, server automation, database/storage and web/middleware performance solutions.

Watchguard Partner

Security should always be paramount in any network, as data theft, unauthorised data modification or security breaches can have embarrassing or potentially disastrous consequences for any company.

Vantage IT is pleased to be able to recommend and supply WatchGuard security products. There are firewall products to suit a wide variety of networks and complexities. Firewalls don’t just stop unwanted access to your network. They can also be used to restrict internal access to unwanted external web sites, for example, plus enable you to create VPNs between remote users or branch offices and your own systems.

Vantage IT has considerable experience in providing secure firewall configurations and VPN solutions to a wide range of businesses. There is no standard configuration – each one is tailored to your network and your needs.


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