30 Day Contract IT Support

Do you want to change your managed IT support provider but are hesitating at signing a new contract? Why not try Vantage IT for 30 days to make sure the service suits your requirements?

We are offering 30 Day Contracts because we are so confident that, after experiencing our service, you will want to stay. You will still receive the exceptional level of support currently experienced by all our customers, but without the longer term commitment.
For the 30 days, you will receive:

  • Peace of mind from knowing we have taken responsibility for your IT.
  • Our pro-active service, limiting or even preventing incidents that could cause business interruption.
  • Advice and assistance for users from a reliable support company.
  • The experience gained from a support company with nearly 30 years’ experience of keeping IT systems running.
  • Just the one company to contact, removing the risk of being passed from pillar to post whenever a problem arises.

“Mars Horsecare must be supported by partners who are experts in their field.”  ―  Dr Jeremy Brereton, Managing Director, Mars Horsecare UK Limited
At the end of the 30 days, you will be able to receive our full contract IT support and enjoy the benefits of our service for a longer term.
Please contact us now to find out what outsourced IT support from Vantage IT can do for you.