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Vantage IT offers a range of cloud solutions which are designed and hosted by us. These are our services – we are not reselling someone else’s – so the servers are ours and we control who has access. Our range of cloud products includes DataSafe Online Backup, Hosted Exchange Online Email, MailSafe Anti-Spam, PatchSafe Software Updates and WebSafe Secure Mobile Email.

Vantage IT Solutions Online Backup Service

DataSafe Online Backup

Your data is vital for the survival of your business so it is imperative that it is backed up. Vantage DataSafe provides an enhanced, hybrid online backup service that, as standard, offers much greater restore speeds and excellent reliability. Losing data can occur for any number of reasons, such as accidental deletion, hardware failure, malicious…read more.

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Hosted Exchange Online Email - Secure Business Cloud Email from Vantage IT

Hosted Exchange Online Email

Do you want all the benefits of Microsoft Exchange and Outlook but without the hassle and cost of managing your own in-house server? Hosted Exchange from Vantage IT is the answer. Vantage IT hosts all your emails and shared mailbox folders, allowing you to access them on your own PCs, laptops and mobile devices. You…read more.

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Vantage IT Solutions Anti-Spam Service

MailSafe Anti-Spam

Spam emails are irritating, sometimes offensive and are often used for spreading malicious software or phishing for private information. Thankfully, their increasing proliferation can be greatly limited with the Vantage IT MailSafe service. We have developed our own spam filtering service, which has proved to be extremely effective at isolating almost all spam. Additionally, it…read more.

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Vantage IT Solutions Software Updates Service

PatchSafe Software Updates

Vantage PatchSafe is a comprehensive hosted software patching service that will: Improve security Improve usability Reduce support costs Software manufacturers constantly release updates to fix security flaws and to improve performance and usability. It can be difficult keeping PCs up-to-date with all these fixes while at the same time keeping security risks at a minimum….read more.

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Vantage IT Solutions Secure Mobile Email Service

WebSafe Secure Mobile Email

Vantage WebSafe is a secure mobile email service that provides remote access to your emails without compromising the security of your network. Accessing corporate emails on your phone or tablet is a requirement of modern business life, but doing so when those emails are behind a firewall can be difficult without lowering your IT system’s…read more.

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