Wireless Access Points

Many offices will require wireless access for members of staff and visitors. Security of the wireless network is often overlooked but is essential.

When guests arrive at your office and require an internet connection, allowing them to use your wireless connection is very helpful, but should only be done if it is isolated from your internal network. What if the guest has malware on their computer? Allowing the computer access to your own office network could be catastrophic.
Members of staff often also request wireless access for smartphones and tablets, and this should also be through an isolated wireless network.
Wireless access points from Vantage IT can offer the following:

  • Dual network capability to separate internal and external networks
  • Power over Ethernet to remove the need for power supplies
  • High security for maximum protection
  • Central management of multiple access points for ease of control

For a wireless access point to suit your application, please contact Vantage IT now.