PowerZook – Power Monitoring Made Easy

We all want do our bit to reduce energy consumption. But how can you do this unless you know how much power you are using? PowerZook from Jacarta is a unique power sensor that enables easy monitoring of power being drawn through PDUs.

PowerZook can be installed without system downtime. Simply clip it around the outside of PDU input cables to monitor the power draw for loads of up to 32A. It is a cost-effective, non-invasive, power monitoring sensor that provides power data via SNMP. It is possible to install the monitors into live environments, meaning you can start your power monitoring with zero downtime, minimum fuss and minimal costs.

Energy monitoring provides users with power information down to rack level and can play a vital role in helping to increase operational efficiency and reduce energy costs. Power usage visibility for rack equipment can be provided where currently there is none.

PowerZook provides a greater choice when determining power monitoring and management strategy. The monitors will identify:

  • Power failure
  • Equipment failure
  • Power usage
  • Current overload conditions
  • Unusual power usage patterns
  • Cable/wiring faults
  • How long equipment is in use or idle

When used in conjunction with Environmental Monitoring, PowerZook can provide a complete solution to protect your vital server room and data centre equipment.

Please contact us for more information about understanding your power consumption with the PowerZook solution.