Give Your Office the Printer it Deserves

Are you spending too much on ink cartridges? Do you have to wait too long for your documents to be printed? Is the print quality inconsistent or poor? Can you only print on one printer? Are you unable to scan? If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, […]

Give Your Office the Printer it Deserves from Vantage IT Solutions

Protect Against Ransomware

Please don’t think you cannot be a victim of Ransomware. It is becoming more prevalent and it can affect anyone, even you! Criminals are constantly trying to find ways to extract money from unsuspecting victims and in ransomware, they have found a successful and easy to administer method. What is […]

NAS from Vantage IT

8 Reasons Why You Should Have a NAS

Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices have become popular solutions for small businesses that would like easily accessible, centralised storage at a relatively low cost. What is a NAS? A NAS is a networked device which contains one or more storage drive. The drives will either be hard drives (HDD) or […]

Boost Your PC’s Performance with an SSD

Replacing your computer’s Hard Disk Drive (HDD) with a Solid State Drive (SSD) is simply the best upgrade at your disposal, capable of speeding up your computer in ways you had not thought possible. Vantage IT can upgrade your company’s PCs and laptops with these drives, providing significant improvements in […]

Boost Your PC’s Performance with an SSD (Solid State Drive) from Vantage IT

64% of IT managers had an air-conditioning failure in the last year!

Closely monitoring the temperature within critical IT environments is vital. Jacarta, a leading supplier of environmental monitoring equipment, often hears horror stories of failing cooling systems, so they wondered how reliable they are. In 2007, they commissioned a survey of data centre managers which found that over 45% of the […]

Vantage IT Partner HP

HP Notebook Computer Battery Safety Recall

HP has expanded the battery safety recall that it announced in 2016 because additional batteries are affected. Why is the Battery Recall Notice Being Issued? The faulty batteries have the potential to overheat, posing a fire and burn hazard to customers. What Products are Included? Affected batteries were shipped with […]

Why You Should Backup Your Data

Data backup is one of the most important, yet also one of the most ignored areas of IT. ‘Backing up’ means making a copy of your most important files which can be restored if the original copy is lost. Preferably, a second copy should be held at a different location […]

Is Your Backup Fit for Purpose?

Is Your Backup Fit for Purpose?

Data is one of the most valuable assets an organisation will possess and keeping it safe could be critical to the survival of your organisation. For this reason, it is vital that data is backed up with a reliable, comprehensive backup procedure. Be in control of your data  Backing up your […]

Keep your data safe with encryption

Encryption Best Practices

Data is a critical part of every organisation, but this most valuable asset often poses a huge risk when it travels or is transmitted beyond your network. An Overview of Encryption Encryption protects information stored on mobile or static devices and during data transmission. It is a way of safeguarding […]

Floppy to Micro SD Memory

Floppy to Micro SD Memory

Vantage IT has been working with IT for many years and we recently took the opportunity to look through some of the items we have been given that have found their way in to our museum. One of these items was an 8 inch floppy disk. For the younger amongst […]

Good posture when sat at your desk is so important to limit the possibility of back pain.

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Anyone who has suffered with back pain will tell you how badly it has affected them. Vantage IT has always been an advocate of the importance of good posture, particularly for workers that spend lengthy periods of time in front of a computer. Sitting in the correct position and arranging […]

New Features of Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft officially released the highly anticipated Windows 10 Anniversary Update on 2nd August but the scale of the roll-out means they may stagger the updates gradually. Microsoft has introduced several new features and improvements to this update, so we have summarised some of the main ones for you. Redesigned Start […]

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Have a great holiday!

Holiday Planning

A holiday should be a relaxing break from your chaotic work life. However, if you don’t adequately prepare for it, you could return feeling even more stressed than you did when you left! Efficient planning will allow you to enjoy your holiday worry-free, so we have put together a few […]

Windows 10 - Should you Upgrade?

Windows 10 – Should you Upgrade?

As you may be aware, Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10, has been a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users since its launch last year. Microsoft is aiming for one billion devices to run Windows 10 in the next two years, and they will start charging for this […]

Scam to Beware

Over recent weeks a financial scam aimed at businesses has become more prevalent. It is highly targeted and appears plausible, with some research possibly being performed prior to sending the email or making the call, such as calling the office to gather contact details. The scammers request accounts staff urgently […]

Vantage IT Solutions Software Updates Service

Security Fears with Unpatched Computers

Software manufactures frequently release updates to fix security flaws and to improve performance. We encounter computers that are not fully patched and consequently are at risk from security breaches. Security vulnerabilities are often discovered by people wanting to infect computers with malicious software. The companies that produced the software will […]

Going Further to Overcome IT Challenges

If you compare the outsourced IT support service offered by Vantage IT with what is on offer from other IT companies, we measure up very well. We were approached by a company who requested that we host their website and provide email facilities with our Hosted Exchange service because they […]

Vantage IT will always go further for our customers,

Website Mobile-Friendly Test in Google Search

On 21st April, Google is planning to make changes to the algorithm it uses for people to obtain search results. They want web sites that are mobile-friendly to be given a greater weighting, meaning they will appear higher in search rankings. To assist people with adapting to the forthcoming change, […]

Vantage IT is Mobile Friendly

Support is ending for Windows Server 2003

Support is Ending for Windows Server 2003

In July 2015, Windows Server 2003 R2 will go end of life when Microsoft withdraws support. Do you still use Server 2003? Are you ready for Microsoft no longer providing support? If not, Vantage IT is here to help you. The following information gives a brief explanation of what will […]

Making a Website Secure with HTTPS

When you type a website address such as in your browser, you will notice that the characters ‘http’ or ‘https’ appear as a prefix. Hypertext transfer protocol (http) is the basis that enables data to be transferred across the web. When the ‘s’ is added to the http, it […]

News and Improvements at Vantage IT

We are pleased to announce that on 1st October 2014, Steve Monaghan was promoted to Innovation and Infrastructure Director at Vantage IT Solutions Limited. Steve has recently spearheaded Vantage’s considerable investment in updating its numerous services, including DataSafe Online Backup, PatchSafe Software Patching, WebSafe Secure Mobile Email and MailSafe Anti-Spam; […]

Macro Viruses

If you receive a document that states it cannot be displayed properly until macros are enabled, DO NOT click on the button to enable macros. Macro viruses were around years ago but fell out of favour with the virus-spreading underworld because improvements in the security of Microsoft Office prevented macros […]

Heartbleed Vulnerability in OpenSSL

You may have heard in the news over the last week of the existence of a vulnerability (called Heartbleed) in a product called OpenSSL, something that is used by many systems throughout the internet. Last week we checked our customers’ systems as well as our own and immediately patched the […]

Our New Office

Earlier this year Vantage moved in to purpose designed and built offices. The move gave us the opportunity to design the new offices to give us the ideal working environment for many years to come. As the number of services we provide has expanded – our outsourced IT support, email […]

Vantage Looks at iOS 7

We are sure it hasn’t escaped your notice that Apple recently released iOS 7, an updated operating system for later versions of its mobile devices – iPhone, iPad and iPod. It is the biggest upgrade of the operating system for a long time so has been greeted with huge amounts […]