Vantage IT offers a full range of services to ensure our commitment of providing the Complete IT Solution to your business. These include installing IT Infrastructure, providing IT Finance, ensuring your IT Security, setting up Remote Working and VPN and organising Office Relocation. You can benefit from the wealth of experience we have obtained through years of working with a diverse range of customers.


Data Recovery

There are times when data storage devices such as hard drives, optical disks, backup tapes and flash drives fail and data becomes inaccessible. Vantage IT has partnered with Kroll Ontrack to offer you industry-leading solutions to recover data from virtually any type of data storage device. Your data could be crucial company information that would…read more.

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Vantage IT Solutions IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

Your IT infrastructure includes everything required to enable you to operate your computer network. From the PC on your desk to the servers in the computer room to the laptop or tablet at home, a stable infrastructure is vital to allow you to seamlessly connect the equipment contained in your network. The infrastructure is made…read more.

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Vantage IT Solutions IT Finance

IT Finance

If there have been times when you’ve been unable to justify the necessary cash expenditure on the technology you require, IT finance could be the answer you need. Choosing IT finance means you can avoid capital outlay when purchasing new equipment. Cash flow can be managed with low monthly rentals, rather than needing to use…read more.

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Vantage IT Solutions IT Security

IT Security

All our work is focused on IT security – from the setup of the most basic PC, through to servers and IT infrastructure. Today’s world poses constant security threats to IT networks. These take the form of direct external attacks, malicious software tempting users to reveal information and unscrupulous users stealing data. The loss of…read more.

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Vantage IT Solutions Office Relocation

Office Relocation

Moving office doesn’t have to be stressful. It is clearly one of the biggest tasks you are likely to undertake and it is crucial that it goes well, but with the right preparation and correct implementation, an office move can be carried out with minimal fuss. When you are trying to run a business and…read more.

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Vantage IT Solutions Remote Working and VPN

Remote Working and VPN

More businesses than ever recognise the need for staff to maintain access to their emails and documents while they are away from the office. Employees who spend much of their time on the road find it invaluable to be able to work on their computers as though they are on the office network. Communicating with…read more.

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Vantage Softech software development

Software Development

Sometimes it is impossible to find the right software package that meets your needs, despite the wide range available in the marketplace today.  This is where Vantage can help. After more than 20 years providing IT support, Vantage IT launched a subsidiary called Vantage Softech which produces high quality, reliable programs for a wide range…read more.

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