School IT Support

Running a school is far from easy. Budgets are being squeezed but you still need to provide your pupils with the education and protection they deserve, while maintaining your Ofsted compliance.

A reliable, cost effective IT infrastructure is a vital element in the education of your pupils and administration of your school. But how certain are you that your IT infrastructure is performing at its best without hidden shortcomings waiting to cause chaos?

When IT Support Goes Wrong

A data breach can be costly and lead to prosecution Vantage IT was approached by a school, believing its IT was reliable, with the request to provide on-going support for its systems. Our investigations quickly found the school’s faith in its IT was thoroughly misplaced.

Although it seemed to the school that the day-to-day running of the network was acceptable, Vantage IT quickly discovered hidden vulnerabilities that had the potential to create major headaches and cause significant disruption. Also, there was the very real risk of confidential data being lost, resulting in the possibility of prosecution. This in itself was clearly a problem at the time, but even more relevant with the introduction of the GDPR legislation in May 2018.

Urgent action was required to ensure the school could continue to function without the pupils’ education being affected.

  • Calling in Vantage IT meant the school took the first of many steps to rectifying the problems.
  • We rapidly identified the most significant issues and introduced a plan to resolve them as quickly as possible.
  • Huge potential cost savings were found – unnecessary equipment had been purchased and other equipment was not being fully utilised.

Teachers should be teaching, not worrying about IT
We reduced the school’s costs, vastly improved network security and enhanced systems’ reliability. This enabled the staff to do what they do best – teach!

A full case study can be found here.

IT Support for Your  School

Vantage IT will be happy to provide a free review of your IT to put your mind at rest. If any problems do exist, we will bring them to your attention together with our recommendations.

We would be delighted to hear from you to discuss how we can work together to improve your school’s IT, so please contact Vantage IT.