Being a victim of computer malware could cripple your organisation. Taking shortcuts with malware protection is reckless and unnecessary.

Vantage IT recommends computer security from McAfee, one of the world’s leading independent cybersecurity companies. McAfee Endpoint Protection software is so much more than just an anti-virus application for your PCs. It will also provide:

  • Anti-virus for your server
  • Firewall protection for PCs
  • Web filtering
  • Encryption for your hard drive – vital for laptops

The volume and sophistication of malware has steadily grown, so you need to get smarter to protect your organisation. McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection provides advanced defences that prevent, contain and take action against zero-day threats and sophisticated attacks. If some of your users work remotely, encrypting the data on their laptops will prevent your company data getting into the wrong hands.

Vantage IT uses McAfee Computer Security to protect from malware, viruses and emerging online threats and is just part of the complete IT security package which is vital to ensure your IT systems are safeguarded.

For more details on protecting your IT from malware threats, please contact us now.

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