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Vantage IT Solutions IT Security

All our work is focused on IT security – from the setup of the most basic PC, through to servers and IT infrastructure.

Today’s world poses constant security threats to IT networks. These take the form of direct external attacks, malicious software tempting users to reveal information and unscrupulous users stealing data. The loss of important data or denial of use of your IT can have a catastrophic effect on your business. Therefore, IT security must be a priority.

Vantage IT is fully conscious of the need for security to be paramount in all that we do to ensure your business is protected, while still maintaining usability. Additionally, there are steps that each business should take:

  • People should be aware that the security of a company’s data is vital
  • Effective passwords need to be used on all equipment
  • Policies are required that explain what personal devices a user can connect to their computer
  • All users need to know the threat posed by malicious software that can be easily distributed by emails (the MailSafe Anti-Spam service can limit this risk)
  • Anti-virus software must be kept up-to-date
  • The use of a firewall will protect your network from external intrusion

When we provide our IT support to a business, we ensure the security is not compromised and keep equipment up-to-date to reduce risks.

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