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Pupdate from Bailey

Bailey is the gorgeous guide dog sponsored by Vantage IT. Training is taking place to make him a working dog and family pet. Bailey has settled very easily into life with his trainers. He has a very laid-back and cuddly personality and often attempts to give his love to Edmund, […]

Vantage IT is sponsoring a puppy at the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. It will be trained to become a guide dog, providing someone with independence.

Great customer feedback helps!

Great Customer Feedback Helps!

The past few weeks have been unprecedented for all of us. For IT companies such as Vantage IT, there has been an immense amount of effort in a very short period of time to ensure users are able to effectively work from home. Many IT companies will be very proud […]

Laptop Hire for Working from Home

Have you considered laptop hire? Working from home while the country is in Coronavirus lockdown is only possible with the right equipment. Laptop computers are at a premium at the moment. If your team requires laptops to work from home, finding the right one can be tricky. Hiring a laptop […]

Laptop Hire for Working from Home. Do you need more laptops so your team can work from home? Laptop hire from Vantage IT will enable you to keep your business going with limited outlay.

Red Bull Technology Central Business Expo with Vantage IT Support. Central Business Expo at Red Bull Technology March 2020. Vantage IT is delighted to be exhibiting and would love to meet you there. See you on 31st March.

Red Bull Technology Central Business Expo

Come to meet Vantage IT at Red Bull Technology in Milton Keynes. The Central Business Expo will be taking place on 31st March at MK7, the superb exhibition space within the Red Bull factory. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet many local businesses in a location at the forefront […]

Tattenhoe FC Sponsored by Vantage IT

Vantage IT is proud to announce we are sponsoring the Tattenhoe Football Club Greens Under 7 team. One of our team is the father to a member of their team, so it is a great fit! Based in Milton Keynes, Tattenhoe Football Club has a large number of teams covering […]

Tattenhoe FC Sponsored by Vantage IT

See Vantage IT at the biggest SME business exhibition in Hertfordshire, Watford Business Show. We will be there on 24th November 2017.

Vantage IT Exhibiting at Watford Business Show

Vantage IT is thrilled to be exhibiting at Watford Business Show in November – the biggest SME business exhibition in Hertfordshire. It attracts business people from North London, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire & surrounding areas. Keynote speakers include Lyndsay Morgan, Operations Director of Climb Online, a business started by Apprentice Mark […]

The Hertfordshire Business Expo

Vantage IT at The Hertfordshire Business Expo

Vantage IT is delighted to be exhibiting at The Hertfordshire Business Expo in February, the biggest business event in Hertfordshire. The Expo will be taking place at Shendish Manor, Hemel Hempstead on Monday 6th February 2017 and it would be great to see you there. In addition to the exhibition, […]

Vantage IT Solutions IT Security

Using a Leased Line for your Internet Connection

Have you considered the impact of an unreliable or slow broadband connection to your organisation? How long could you last without your internet connection? Reliable internet connections are now an essential tool for any organisation. Unreliable internet will give you considerable downtime for your emails, internet browsing, remote access, Voice […]

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Anyone who has suffered with back pain will tell you how badly it has affected them. Vantage IT has always been an advocate of the importance of good posture, particularly for workers that spend lengthy periods of time in front of a computer. Sitting in the correct position and arranging […]

Good posture when sat at your desk is so important to limit the possibility of back pain.

Have a great holiday!

Holiday Planning

A holiday should be a relaxing break from your busy work life. However, if you don’t adequately prepare for it, you could return feeling even more stressed than you did when you left! Efficient planning will allow you to enjoy your holiday worry-free, so we have put together a few […]

Windows 10 - Should you Upgrade?

Windows 10 – Should you Upgrade?

As you may be aware, Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10, has been a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users since its launch last year. Microsoft is aiming for one billion devices to run Windows 10 in the next two years, and they will start charging for this […]

Security Fears with Unpatched Computers

Software manufactures frequently release updates to fix security flaws and to improve performance. We encounter computers that are not fully patched and consequently are at risk from security breaches. Security vulnerabilities are often discovered by people wanting to infect computers with malicious software. The companies that produced the software will […]

Vantage IT Solutions Software Updates Service

Vantage IT will always go further for our customers,

Going Further to Overcome IT Challenges

If you compare the outsourced IT support service offered by Vantage IT with what is on offer from other IT companies, we measure up very well. We were approached by a company who requested that we host their website and provide email facilities with our Hosted Exchange service because they […]

News and Improvements at Vantage IT

We are pleased to announce that on 1st October 2014, Steve Monaghan was promoted to Innovation and Infrastructure Director at Vantage IT Solutions Limited. Steve has recently spearheaded Vantage’s considerable investment in updating its numerous services, including DataSafe Online Backup, PatchSafe Software Patching, WebSafe Secure Mobile Email and MailSafe Anti-Spam; […]

Wonderful Feedback for our IT Support

It is always nice to receive praise, and interesting when it comes from a different perspective. Vantage IT provides the IT support for a local company with offices throughout the world and a head office based on mainland Europe. A representative from the IT department at the head office said […]

Our New Office

Earlier this year Vantage moved in to purpose designed and built offices. The move gave us the opportunity to design the new offices to give us the ideal working environment for many years to come. As the number of services we provide has expanded – our outsourced IT support, email […]