Why You Should Use VoIP To Provide A Modern Telecom Solution For Your SME

Having an efficient and reliable communication system is crucial for the success of any small or medium-sized enterprise (SME). Outdated telecom systems can hinder productivity, increase costs, and limit the flexibility required to adapt to the evolving needs of your business. 

In this article, we’ll explore the rise of VoIP systems, considering what they are and how they could help your SME.


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What is VoIP?

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technology that allows voice communication to be transmitted over the Internet instead of using traditional landline networks. It converts analogue audio signals into digital data packets, which are then transmitted over the internet to the recipient. VoIP is a modern telecom system that enables users to make and receive calls using their internet connection, offering a more cost-effective and flexible alternative to traditional phone systems.

Why Should You Replace Your Outdated Telecom System?

Save Money

One of the most compelling reasons to switch to VoIP is the potential cost savings. Outdated telecom systems often require expensive maintenance and repairs, not to mention the lost productivity resulting from frequent equipment failures. VoIP eliminates the need for expensive hardware and maintenance contracts, allowing SMEs to save money in the long run.


VoIP offers a reliable method of communication. Unlike traditional phone systems that rely on physical infrastructure susceptible to damage and outages, VoIP operates over the Internet, which provides greater resilience and redundancy. Additionally, many VoIP service providers offer advanced features like call forwarding and automatic failover, ensuring uninterrupted communication even in the event of a power outage or internet disruption.


VoIP is a versatile solution that can handle all your communication needs. With VoIP, you can keep your existing phone numbers while gaining access to a plethora of features such as web conferencing, live chat with website visitors, integration with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and call recording. This flexibility empowers SMEs to streamline their communication system processes and improve customer service.

Phasing Out Of PSTN And ISDN

Traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) and integrated services digital network (ISDN) lines are being phased out globally. Many telecom providers are discontinuing support for these legacy systems, making it necessary for businesses to transition to VoIP. By adopting VoIP early on, SMEs can future proof their communication infrastructure and avoid any disruptions caused by the eventual obsolescence of PSTN and ISDN lines.

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VoIP’s reliability and flexibility make it a superior choice compared to traditional phone systems, while the integration of advanced features empowers businesses to enhance their communication capabilities making VoIP one of our most popular IT support services for SMEs here at Vantage IT. Contact us today to find out more about our telecoms modernisation solutions.


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