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5 Tips to Improve Your Wi-Fi

How is your Wi-Fi? Is the connection a bit sporadic? If it isn’t as reliable as you would like, here are some tips for improving the situation. Change Your Router’s Location When routers are hidden behind other devices or tucked in a corner, wireless signals can be affected. Many routers […]

Wi-Fi Security Flaw Needs to be Patched. Security vulnerability in Wi-Fi networks secured with WPA and WPA2 needs to be patched. Vantage IT can provide the assistance you need to fix your Wi-Fi.

Give Your PC a Spring Clean, from Vantage IT Solutions. Don't spend a penny on your computer to gain performance if you don't need to. Give it a spring clean! Try these tips before purchasing a new PC or upgrade your existing one. This is a bit of DIY IT support, but for the real thing, contact Vantage IT.

Give Your PC a Spring Clean

Despite the weather we have just experienced, spring is almost upon us, so why not give your PC a spring clean of its own? Why a Spring Clean? If your PC takes ages to boot up or respond to your inputs, there is a chance it requires some basic housekeeping. […]

Helpful Internet Browsing Tips

The internet is a huge, wondrous world, but are you using it effectively? From browser choices to shortcut keys that save you time, we offer tips so you can get the best out of your internet usage.   Try Different Browsers Many people using Windows PCs will make use of […]

Helpful Internet Browsing Tips from Vantage IT Solutions. Internet browsing is something most of us do every day of the week. Vantage IT provides tips to ensure you get the best out of your internet usage, saving time and effort.

Windows Shortcuts to Save You Time. Vantage IT Solutions. Windows keyboard shortcut keys will save you time when using your computer, something we all want to do. We have created a useful guide for some of the most commonly used Windows keyboard shortcuts.

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts to Save You Time

We all want to save ourselves time, and that is what Windows keyboard shortcuts will do. Keyboard shortcuts will speed up almost everything you do on your computer. However, long lists of shortcuts can quickly become overwhelming if you’re just getting started with them.   With this in mind, we […]

2FA – What is it and How Can it Protect You?

Many of us regularly log in to online services such as Gmail or Hotmail as well as social media platforms such as Twitter or FaceBook. However, reports suggest that many people still don’t use the available 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) features of these websites, although this is highly advisable. If you […]

2FA - What is it and How Can it Protect You? 2FA or Two-Factor Authentication will add an additional layer of security to your normal login procedures in order to verify your identity.

Emptying the Jump List

This information will allow you to clear all jump lists but allow you to add new items. Product Windows Server 2008 or later Windows Vista or later   Solution 1. Press    + R or click Start then Run   2. Type %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\AutomaticDestinations   3. Delete all files in this folder.   […]

Deleting Thumbs

If a thumbs.db file cannot be deleted from a network share even though no one is accessing the folder in which it resides, turn off caching of thumbnails in the default domain group policy. Product Windows Server 2008 or later Windows Vista or later   Solution 1. Open the Group […]

How to Access the Registry Editor

Registry Editor enables you to view and edit critical Windows and application settings. Warning: Editing the registry incorrectly can result in serious problems. We advise that a backup of the machine or the registry is taken before making any changes.   Product Windows Server 2008 or later Windows Vista or […]

How to Access Group Policy on a Windows Server or Windows Client

Group Policy controls various configurations on multiple servers and clients, such as restricting access to specific features in Windows for specific users. Product Windows Server 2008 or later Windows Vista or later   Solution For a Windows Server operating system:   1. Press    + R or click Start then Run   […]