Why Should You Backup Your Business’s Data?

A business owner holding a white tablet in their hands with a white graphic above showing how backing up your data in the cloud protects it.

If your business is the target of a cyber attack, it could result in some – or all – of your files becoming corrupted. In the worst case scenario, you could lose access to all of your data for good. If you don’t have a backup, this would cause serious, long-term disruption – just imagine losing your customer information, your accounts and even your emails.

Properly backing up your business data will help you to recover quickly from a cyber attack. You’ll also be able to access important information if a file is corrupted, deleted or damaged for any other reason. Keep reading to learn more.

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Fast Recovery

As we’ve already seen, one of the most important reasons to regularly backup your data is that it allows you to get back on your feet quickly if you’re faced with a cyber attack, or lost or corrupted data. Being able to recover fast will help you minimise disruption for your customers and losses for your company.

Protect Your Backup

Use anti-virus software to make sure your backed-up data is free of malware or viruses. As data backup software doesn’t automatically come with anti-virus protection, you’ll need to speak to your IT provider to ensure you have both types of software in place.

Test Your Backup

Once your backup and recovery systems are in place, you need to test them. Testing your systems will give you the chance to iron out any glitches and ensure your business is ready if it’s targeted by a cyber attack.

Backup Your Backup!

All too often, businesses rely on incremental backups that go back a number of weeks or months.  However, if a file is deleted or corrupted and it goes unnoticed for several days, you may be forced to retrieve data from a backup that’s already out of date.

Keeping more than one backup will prevent overreliance on a single system. This is a key part of data backup security as having multiple backups will ensure you can access all your files at all times, even if one backup is corrupted.

Properly backing up your data will help your business recover quickly in case of a cyber attack or breach. To learn more about the importance of backing up your files and protecting your business from attack, download the Ultimate Guide To Defending Your SME Against Cyber Attacks or talk to a member of our expert team today.

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