The Significance Of Installing A VPN For Your Business

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A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a service that protects your internet connection and online privacy by creating a secure connection between your device and your computer network. It does this by encrypting your data and masking your IP address.

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Using a VPN can help to defend your system against hackers and protect your data when it’s in transit between devices. So, should you install a VPN? Keep reading to find out.

VPNs And Remote Working

VPNs are especially important if members of your team work from home or other offsite locations. A VPN is important when working remotely as, without one in place, remote workers can pose a security risk to your company. This is because their connections may not be secure and the information they send can be more easily intercepted by hackers. A VPN will prevent this data being exposed to cyber criminals and allow your remote workers to significantly reduce the risk of a breach.

Boosting Security

As well as making remote connections safer, a VPN will also boost security across your business network, making it less likely you’ll be targeted by a cyber attack. What’s more, VPNs provide a degree of anonymity online and make it harder for criminals to pinpoint your location.

Travel Protection

Information is often most vulnerable when it’s in transit between devices. A VPN will help to protect your data when it’s on the move, safeguarding your infrastructure from attacks on public networks. VPNs can also enforce traffic filtering and blocking rules, further shielding your data.

Circumvent Geo-Restrictions

Another benefit of VPNs for remote workers is that they allow users to circumvent geo-restrictions. This can enable employees working abroad to access tools, websites and resources that would otherwise be restricted. If your company uses cloud backups, employees accessing your network via a VPN will also have their information securely stored automatically.

Some VPNs are more suited to remote work than others. Contact your IT Support Services provider to find out about the best VPN for remote work.

Investing in a good VPN for SMEs will allow you to give your employees full access to your system while protecting your data. This simple step can significantly improve your online security, prevent breaches and keep your sensitive information secure. To find out more about the benefits of VPNs, and learn about the other cyber security solutions available, get in touch with an expert member of our team today.

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