MailSafe Anti-Spam Service

Spam emails are irritating, sometimes offensive and often used for spreading malicious software, encrypting malware, or phishing for private information. They are one of the primary methods hackers use to attempt to gain access to your network. Thankfully, their increasing proliferation can be greatly limited with the Vantage IT MailSafe service.

We have our own spam filtering service, which has proved to be extremely effective at isolating almost all spam. Additionally, it includes two anti-virus scanners, which monitor both incoming and outgoing mail. The benefits of the Vantage IT MailSafe anti-spam service include:

  • The risk of hugely disruptive virus and malware encryption infections is greatly diminished by removing potentially infected emails before users have the opportunity to accidentally open them
  • Staff are more productive as they avoid wasting time checking and deleting spam
  • The service is intelligent, as it learns from experience – the more emails it processes, the better it becomes
  • Web interface for easy retrieval of quarantined email and control of personal whitelists and blacklists

Your computer users benefit from not receiving countless spam emails each day, some of which can be unpleasant and cause offence. Additionally, due to the increasing risk posed by users receiving emails attempting to encourage them to disclose information or install malicious software, reducing this menace is vitally important to protecting your IT network and data.
The MailSafe service is designed to ensure only legitimate emails get through, resulting in more productive staff and safer working.
Please contact us for more information about the Vantage IT MailSafe service.

MailSafe Additional Details

MailSafe Additional Details
Find out more about the benefits of our MailSafe Anti-Spam service.

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