IT Failures

How many times did your IT fail last year?

It never ceases to amaze us at Vantage IT how some businesses seem to be so accepting of IT failures, no doubt persuaded of such ‘normality’ by their service provider or internal IT support personnel.

However, IT failures should be highly abnormal!

To put this statement in perspective, last year, of all the servers at all our customers, just one suffered a total failure and even this was fully operational again within just 72 minutes!

Furthermore, any planned downtime was performed out-of-hours, or on days convenient to our customers.

Vantage IT protects its customers against downtime with a multi-layered approach:

  • Our IT Support contract provides proactive support which includes server monitoring and a service level agreement
  • We provide comprehensive warranties for your IT equipment and advise on renewals
  • We will only supply high quality servers and PCs that are designed to keep your business running. With HP, HPE and Microsoft as partners, you are in safe hands
  • We can implement Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions to keep your business-critical systems running with almost zero downtime
  • Our Hosted Exchange Cloud Email Service is hosted by us in our secure, UK-based datacentres, taking the burden away from you
  • Our DataSafe Online Cloud Backup Service enables us to restore your files, should they be deleted or become corrupted
  • We provide McAfee Endpoint Security and intelligent WatchGuard Firewalls, which are configured to your requirements
  • Our MailSafe Anti-Spam Service eliminates virtually all forms of spam, including those that contain harmful malware
  • As malware and viruses often work their way into insecure systems, our fully managed PatchSafe Software Updates Service has been developed to run in the background to keep your most commonly used software fully up to date

What has your experience been like with your existing service provider or support personnel? Please get in touch to let us know – we would love to hear from you. Any experiences would be treated confidentially.