IT and Telecoms in the Changing Landscape

Will all your team be going back in to the office full time in the very near future? Have your IT and telecoms solutions enabled you to successfully work from home or could they be improved?

With many team members visiting the office on a rota or for specific meetings, the business landscape could change dramatically. You won’t require that lovely spacious office if only a handful of people will be using it. This could almost certainly lead to huge savings on business rent and rates, and provide an opportunity for your business.

How can IT and Telecoms Help?

The past few months have pushed business technology to the limit. Thousands of people moved their working lives to their homes and wanted to carry on as if they were sat in the office.
What was your experience of this? Did technology provide everything you required? If you were not able to perform your work to an acceptable level, steps can be taken to improve it for you.
A good IT setup will enable you to connect to the resources you need with no fuss, on a consistent basis. Regularly losing connection, suffering with a slow link or being unable to use systems are not acceptable.
Remote desktops allow you to work from home as though you are sat with your colleagues. IT security is vital to ensure all team members can carry on with the assurance that protection is provided for business activity.
A telephone system should enable you to use it as if you are all sat in the office. Modern hosted systems provide full visibility of your colleague’s status and give the ability to answer, make and transfer calls. Additionally, good hosted telephone systems will have very low call charges.
If there are savings to be made from downsizing your office, why not invest in the technology you need to move your business to the new way of working?
Vantage IT is available to discuss how proposed working practises may affect your IT and telecoms decisions. The past few months have shown how life can become quickly derailed. However, we need to use technology to create businesses as resilient as possible for what the future holds.
Please contact us to arrange a call or email and we will be in touch.