Do You Need to Work Remotely?

With the current Coronavirus scare, many people are either working from home or planning to. This is something we do regularly and at the moment, members of our ream are working remotely without our customers being aware!

With the right security infrastructure in place, it is easy to have people working from remote locations. We always recommended equipment to our customers that enables the quick and secure setup of remote access, so circumstances like the Covid-19 alert can be dealt with rapidly.
Clearly you will require a computer to use remotely, and we can arrange this if required. We have also organised loan equipment for remote working.
In many instances, the ability to make calls is also required. The Vantage VoIP Telephone System can be used across the world, enabling you to seamlessly continue working, whatever your location.
We are not going to tell you what song to sing when washing your hands or the symptoms to look out for, but when it comes to IT, Vantage IT has all the knowledge you need.
Please contact Vantage IT for more information about remote working. We look forward to hearing from you.