Remote Working & VPN

More organisations than ever recognise the need for staff to maintain access to their emails and documents while they are away from the office.

It can be invaluable to be able to work on your computer as though you are on the office network. Communicating with the office IT system can be achieved wherever internet access is available, be it home broadband, mobile networks or secure wireless.

Vantage IT can organise the entire process of gaining remote access, which includes:

To maintain high security while away from the office, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are an essential part of business IT communications. A VPN is a secure, encrypted link (called a tunnel) that uses the internet to connect a remote computer or network to its head office. You will require a firewall at your office to allow the secure access and VPN software on each remote computer.

This is a service we provide to many customers, for single users and branch offices, both in the UK and overseas.

Mobile Email

If you would like to access emails and documents on your mobile phone, Vantage IT can help with this too. We can supply mobile phones, arrange mobile airtime contracts and carry out the configuration to allow remote access.

Our WebSafe Secure Mobile Email service allows access to your own email system from your smartphone or tablet while maintaining the security of your network. Alternatively, you can enjoy all the benefits of our Hosted Exchange Online Email which removes the stress of you hosting your own emails.

Please contact us now to find out how Vantage IT can implement and improve the remote access to your organisation.