The Importance of Anti-Spam for IT Security

Approximately two million online fraud incidents were reported in 2017, according to the UK Parliaments Public Accounts Committee. With only 20 percent of crimes actually reported, even this dreadful figure is just the tip of the iceberg.

Online fraud is incredibly lucrative for the perpetrators, meaning it will not decrease any time soon. Many incidents start with spam emails sent to unsuspecting users that spread malicious software, encryption malware, or phish for private information. Furthermore, spam emails are irritating and sometimes offensive. A powerful anti-spam service such as Vantage MailSafe virtually eliminates these issues and has the potential to protect your business from financial ruin.

What are the Risks of Spam?

One of your colleagues may receive a harmless looking email which requests they click a link to verify details. Or it may have an attachment that appears innocent, but is actually a spoof invoice. If your company’s systems are not secure, you could allow malicious software or hackers to gain access. This often takes place to enable criminals to steal information or to encrypt your data. When your data has been encrypted in this way, it will be held to ransom and payment demanded so you can access it again. This is not alarmist, it has happened and we have spoken to companies that have suffered these sort of attacks.

Without security in place, such as an anti-spam service, a firewall, anti-virus software, data backup and software patching, you could lose several years of company data. Additionally, when personal data is leaked into the public domain, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) even has the power to levy fines under the newly enforced GDPR law.

Now is the time to take services such as anti-spam seriously. It is a small investment for a huge amount of cyber protection.

How Vantage IT Can Help Protect Against Spam

We provide one of the world’s leading spam filtering services, which is extremely effective at isolating almost all spam. Additionally, it includes two anti-virus scanners, which monitor both incoming and outgoing mail. Benefits of the Vantage IT MailSafe anti-spam service include:

  • Potentially infected emails are removed before users have the opportunity to open them. As a result, this greatly reduces the risk of a virus or malware encryption infection happening.
  • Staff are more productive as they avoid wasting time checking and deleting spam.
  • The service is intelligent, as it learns from experience. Consequently, the more emails it processes, the better it becomes.
  • Web interface for easy retrieval of quarantined email and control of personal whitelists and blacklists.

Your computer users will profit from not receiving countless spam emails all day, some of which can be unpleasant and offensive. Additionally, due to the increasing risk posed by users receiving emails attempting to encourage them to disclose information or install viruses, reducing this menace is vitally important to protect your IT network and data.

The MailSafe service is designed to ensure only legitimate emails get through. This results in more productive staff as they avoid wasting time checking and deleting spam.

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