Do you really know how good the IT support service is that you are receiving? You may think your best interests are being looked after, but this is not always the case.


Moving to a new IT support provider is a big step for any business. We started working with a new customer in 2022 that had experienced several issues from their IT support company and did believe the service had been acceptable until the problems were encountered. It was only after working with Vantage IT for several months that we were told:

“We did not appreciate how poor the service we were receiving from our previous IT support provider was until we experienced the service from Vantage IT”.


At Vantage IT, we work with many clients across Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, and Oxfordshire who are looking for seamless, reliable, and efficient IT services. We know what high-quality work looks like, and we understand that sometimes businesses are not completely aware of the quality of the service they are getting with their current MSP. Let’s take a look at how we’ve demonstrated the quality of our work for one of our current clients.


The Client’s Background

Vantage IT started working with the company, based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, at the beginning of 2022. The company had previously been working with another MSP that they had been happy with and didn’t want to move away from, but they had noticed that the quality of the MSP’s service had declined. Feeling dissatisfied, they reached out to us in response to contact we had made with them in the past.


Identifying the Problem

When they reached out to us, the company was just looking for an MSP that would match the quality they had become accustomed to with their previous provider. But at Vantage IT, we aim to go above and beyond to help our customers. Our team conducted a full investigation of the customer’s IT infrastructure and found many mistakes that had been made in the setup of the systems.


Even though the client had been happy with the way their previous MSP had managed their IT systems until recently, they didn’t realise that there was the potential for their IT systems to run much more smoothly. We explained the issues we discovered to the client, illustrating why their setup was suboptimal and outlining how we could make it better, and then we got the go-ahead to proceed with our improvements.


Implementing the Solution

Throughout 2022, we provided ongoing IT support services as well as completed individual projects to improve the systems they were working with. These projects included the installation of a wireless network and the reorganisation of the server cabinet in the computer room. Our team consolidated and tidied two connected cabinets into one, work that was performed outside of office hours to minimise disruption to staff.

This, alongside our ongoing IT support services, has really impressed our client. The managing director is an engineer so appreciated the quality of our work, particularly in the computer room. At Vantage IT, we want to show our customers what great IT support looks like. We train our staff to go above and beyond to look after the interests of our clients and provide the best service possible in every way.


The Outcome

Our client has been enormously impressed with the service we have provided to them. In addition to appreciating the difference our improvements have made to the reliability and efficiency of their IT systems, they value our high-quality and professional ongoing IT services. Our partnership is a happy one, and the team at Vantage IT looks forward to working with them for many years to come.


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