The Benefits of Outsourced IT Support

Many organisations realise the benefits of an outsourced IT department. These benefits are not just in terms of cost, but also higher service levels and access to a wide range of skills and specialisms.

Vantage IT has provided outstanding support to local organisations in business and education since 1990 and assisted with the transfer of support from internal staff to our outsourced team on numerous occasions. The confidence these customers developed from having a reliable IT company providing the support they require is unmistakable.

Some of the advantages you should consider when investigating outsourcing your IT support include the following:

Improved Cost Management

Improved cost management with outsourced IT support

We understand that many SMBs are very conscious of operational expenditure. Our Complete IT Solution provides you with consistent and controlled monthly expenditure for your IT.

Outsourced IT support can represent a huge cost saving compared to an in-house support team or even against one internal IT manager. This is because we are set up to support many customers, so we only need to allocate an agreed number of hours per month for each organisation’s IT support. The cost of an internal team or IT manager would be in excess of what a support contract would cost because you are paying for full-time members of staff.

Combined Experience

Whilst IT managers have the required knowledge to deal with most day to day IT issues, they may soon run out of knowledge if an unexpected IT problem occurs.

The engineers at Vantage IT are senior level technicians with experience and backgrounds in a wide variety of IT areas. This means we can pool our resources and skill sets whenever the unexpected happens and get you up and running faster.

It is worth mentioning that if you do rely on just one or two IT staff members, what happens if they take annual leave or become ill? In contrast, when any of our engineers take annual leave, we always ensure others are available to support you.

Enhanced Security

If your IT has so far been managed solely by an internal person or team, how can you be sure your IT is running as well as it should be, and that there are no glaring security or licensing issues? You would be amazed how many issues we find with our clients’ IT infrastructure when we take over from a previous internal IT employee.

Our clients’ IT security is paramount to us. So much so, that we provide our own managed services such as cloud backups, Hosted Exchange email and world class anti-spam. This is so we can ensure exactly where your data is kept (i.e. encrypted and stored solely in our UK based data centres).

Being offsite, your important server data can be backed up or hosted by us, meaning you are protected should a fire or theft happen at your premises.


As you grow, Vantage IT will adapt with you

As your organisation grows, we adapt to support your IT and can increase the number of hours we allocate for your support. Internal staff members do not have this flexibility, and therefore may be ill equipped to cope as your organisation’s IT needs grow.

As an outside company, we will monitor your IT systems and advise if any infrastructure improvements need to be implemented to avoid nasty surprises.

Don’t forget we are not just on the phone either, as our friendly and knowledgeable engineers will visit you whenever required. They would be a familiar face and you can trust them to look after your every IT need.
Please contact Vantage IT today to discuss your requirements. We would love to hear from you!