Top 5 Most Common IT Problems In Oxfordshire And Their Solutions

IT problems in Oxfordshire being solved.

Businesses across the country face IT issues every day. Here are 5 of the most common problems and how to solve them.

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1. Careless Approach To Online Security

A careless approach to online security is an issue for businesses in Oxfordshire and across the UK. This is often most evident when it comes to passwords. A lot of businesses end up constantly changing their passwords in order to restrict, update or regain access to certain systems.

The Solution

Constantly changing passwords can confuse employees and create a haphazard approach to security. Instead, it’s far better to create complex passwords with extended characters. Different passwords should be used on different systems, and you should also provide multiple authentication processes. It’s also a good idea to restrict access to certain systems for employees who no longer require it.

2. Outdated Software And Hardware

Outdated software and hardware can both pose a significant security risk to your business. This is because older hardware, and software that hasn’t been updated, can be more vulnerable to cyber attack. They’re also likely to have much poorer performance compared to their modern counterparts.

The Solution

Make sure you upgrade to the latest versions of all of the software your company uses. Where possible, invest in computers that are compatible with the most recent version of Microsoft Windows, or whichever operating system you use. If you’re not sure what needs updating first, talk to an IT support company in Oxfordshire or the surrounding area.

3. Lack Of Cable Management

Good cable management is very important for the daily running of your office. Poor cable management can lead to a chaotic, inefficient workspace, increase the risk of accidents, hinder maintenance and damage equipment. It can also make your office look messy and disorganised.

The Solution

As every local IT support company around the country knows, the solution to this issue is very simple: get your cables organised. There are lots of handy cable tidy accessories available online, or you can ask a specialist IT company to help out.

4. Security Vulnerability

All too often, businesses in Oxfordshire, and across the UK, take a lax approach to security. This can leave them vulnerable to cyber attack.

The Solution

Use advanced firewalls that continuously monitor threats to your business. You should also employ the latest data encryption and protection methods. If you need extra IT support Oxfordshire has lots of local companies to choose from. They’ll be able to advise you which online security measures are right for your business.

5. Disorganised Data Storage

Poor data storage practices can also leave you vulnerable to cyber attack and make it harder to recover quickly if your business is targeted.

The Solution

Ensure that your data is stored in secure locations that is only accessible by those whom you have granted permission. Also be sure that your data is regularly backed up.

If your business is facing any of these common issues, or if your company needs business IT support in Oxford, we can help. Get in touch today to find out more.

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