Don’t Take the Bait – it’s Phishing!

Phishing emails are nothing new, but a recent one seems very personal. There have been an increasing number of them being reported and one of them was sent to a friend, so we have seen it first-hand.

This was not the generic email that stands out as a scam the moment you see it in your inbox. These new emails are spelled correctly and have the recipients’ home address in the body of the email, making it look as though it has been specifically sent to the recipient.

The one we saw and the others we have heard about are all claiming money is owed and warning that further action will be taken if the debt is not cleared. A link is provided in the email that can be clicked on to sort out the debt problem.


These emails are not genuine and the link will probably either install some nasty malware or try to obtain more personal information.

Sadly, these emails are a fact of modern life, so as always, remain vigilant get a decent spam filter on your emails. A spam filter won’t catch every phishing email but will reduce the quantity you are subjected to.