Don’t Buy a Printer and Save Thousands!

We always look for ways we can save money for our clients. We would like to share a recent example of a customer with a faulty printer where we potentially saved them £3000!

Case Study – Faulty Printer

A customer contacted us to say they were experiencing problems with a large colour printer. They had followed guidance from internet resources which provided advice for resolving the problem. As part of the guidance, they had changed the toners and fuser, but it was still not working. This led them to believe a new device would be required, resulting in a bill of approximately £3000.

The model in question was a high-end Dell laser printer but the quality of the prints had deteriorated. They were so poor it could not be used for literature that would be sent to customers. The consequence of the fault was the colour saturation and print alignment were significantly out. As can be seen below, this produced a rather blurry image.

Our engineers collected the printer from the customer’s offices and examined it in our workshop. It was clear consumables had recently been changed, but toner was evident inside and had seeped into components.

We decided the printer was well overdue a clean, so we removed internal items and cleaned inside thoroughly. Following re-assembly, it was fully tested and the excellent print quality was restored. The photo below speaks for itself.

Before and after. How we saved a customer thousands of pounds on a printer

Clearly our customer was delighted with the results because it meant they did not need to replace their printer, saving them thousands.

It is not always possible to resolve problems with printers or other computer hardware with a clean. However, this example does show how maintenance is so important and can prolong the usable life of equipment.

If your business is also experiencing problems with a printer or other computer hardware, please contact us and we will happily investigate. We are also happy to provide a free IT audit to enable you to understand the current situation for all your IT.