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Are you struggling with slow or inefficient computers that are making your working life harder? How well maintained is your IT? What could be improved or changed? Can money be saved from your IT budget?

A Free IT Audit from Vantage IT will Provide the Answers

You need to know the current situation of your IT system and what can be improved. As a result, you will get the greatest benefit from using it.
A free IT audit from Vantage IT will give you the evidence you require and therefore enable you to make informed decisions. We examine the hardware and software being used in your organisation’s IT infrastructure so a report can be produced explaining what is working well and advise on items that need attention.
Due to the audit from Vantage IT, you will finally be able to put your IT into a position where you can rely on it to support your users.

What Does the IT Audit Include?

We will look at the IT equipment you use to determine its effectiveness. Items that we cover include:

  • Hardware  –  Do your servers and PCs work efficiently? Are they reliable?
  • Software  –  Are you still using unsupported software such as Windows 7, Office 2010 and Server 2008? Could there be more effective use of your software?
  • Security  –  How well protected is your network from malicious software and external intrusion? Is your data secure, particularly bearing in mind the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) allows fines for data breaches?
  • Backups and Disaster Recovery  –  Do regular data backups take place? What will happen in the event of a disaster at your organisation?
  • Network and Connectivity  –  How stable is your network? Does your internet connection cause problems?

This is a glimpse of the IT audit you would receive.

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