Moving Office?

If you have an upcoming office move, we hope the following proves helpful and prevents it becoming a major headache.

If you have moved office in the past, you will be aware how much there is to organise, particularly in terms of your IT infrastructure. Thankfully, this does not need to be stressful with some forward planning.

IT Problems When Moving Office

The main reasons for choosing where to have your new workplace will obviously be location and an attractive rent. But, have you considered which internet services will be available at your new premises? You might be stuck with a really slow ADSL broadband connection if fibre is not available. This can have huge ramifications if you rely on cloud services such as Office 365 or if your staff connect via VPN. If ADSL will not suit your requirements, you could install a leased line or EFM (Ethernet First Mile). These types of connection can often meet your internet speed requirements and even include an SLA. They are, however, considerably more expensive than fibre broadband connections. It should be noted that a leased line or EFM can take months to install, so you have to plan ahead!
An issue we do encounter is that new offices may not have a designated area for your server and comms equipment. Servers and network switches can be noisy, can create heat and often contain sensitive data. It is therefore always best practice to lock them in a secure, air-conditioned room, away from unauthorised personnel.
Are there enough network points at your new office for your PCs and/or VoIP telephones? Will everything work when you move it to the new location and plug it in?
Once you unplug the PCs or network equipment, unless you are tech savvy, will you know how it all re-connects in the new location? Plugging a cable into an incorrect port can prevent the network from working.
As you’re moving office, have you considered it may be time to retire your old IT equipment and purchase new replacements to last you for years to come?

How Vantage IT can Help with Moving Office

If you are still reading at this point, you may have some uncertainty about whether you have thought of everything. Fear not, we can plan and organise all of the IT relocation for you, giving you peace of mind that our experienced IT engineers will have it all covered. We are effectively a ‘one stop shop’ for all of your IT requirements.

When you are thinking of moving office, we can assist with:

If there is anything we haven’t mentioned that you are unsure about, please do get in touch as we are happy to help.