Office Relocation

Moving office doesn’t have to be stressful. It is clearly one of the biggest tasks you are likely to undertake and it is crucial that it goes well, but with the right preparation and correct implementation, an office move can be carried out with minimal fuss.

When you are trying to run an organisation and maintain the high level of service your customers expect, moving office can add a large additional workload. Organisations are often totally reliant on their IT, so ensuring it is seamlessly moved from one location to another is vital. Vantage IT has successfully relocated the IT infrastructure of many organisations and helped keep their customers and staff happy, with minimum disruption and maximum uptime.
It all starts with the planning: working out what you’ve got, where it has to go to and how to get it there.
Assurances will need to be sought that the proposed new office can give you the facilities you require. This will include sufficient space to house the equipment, availability and quality of internal network cabling and quality and speed of internet connections. When installing new internet lines and moving your current internet provider to the new location, you need to let providers know as early as possible.
Moving office can be a good time to re-assess the IT equipment being used and the opportunity can be taken to renew or change it.
Time spent planning where all the IT equipment will be located in the new office is never wasted. On the day the move is taking place, everyone involved needs to be briefed with details of what needs to be transferred and where it needs to go. If this has been done, it will run like clockwork!
If you are planning an office relocation, Vantage IT would be happy to provide the assistance you need and offer on-going IT support if required.
Please contact us now to find out how Vantage IT can improve your IT infrastructure.