The Complete IT Support Solution

the Complete IT Solution - IT Support from Vantage IT

We take the pain out of managing your IT.

Vantage IT acts as your own outsourced IT department, providing helpdesk and on-site IT support, maintaining hardware, software, infrastructure and communications, with licence and asset management also included. This really is your Complete IT Support Solution.

Problems are prevented with our pro-active service. Your essential equipment is remotely monitored daily to ensure your systems run as smoothly as possible and corrective action taken, prior to a minor issue becoming a major complication.

You won’t be left waiting when you need us. When issues do arise, we quickly answer queries within a maximum of four hours, but usually much sooner. In addition to remotely helping whenever a request is received, you benefit from personal visits, so we can meet users and respond to questions.

We take responsibility for the IT, giving you peace of mind. With just one company to contact, it removes the risk of being passed from pillar to post whenever a problem arises.

You benefit from our extensive experience, going back over 20 years. We cover everything you expect to see in an IT network – servers, client computers, firewalls, switches, wireless access points, routers and printers.

Being a Managed Service Provider (MSP), we offer additional services to make your work life as easy as possible, such as DataSafe Online Backup, MailSafe Anti-Spam, IT Finance and Office Relocation assistance.

With your IT taken care of, you and your colleagues can gain the maximum benefit from it and concentrate on running your business. Our premier service, the Complete IT Support Solution, is exactly that – complete. We provide all the IT support you will need.

If you would prefer support on a non-contract basis, please refer to the Pay-As-You-Go IT Support page. To gain a greater insight into how Vantage IT is able to help you, please call us or complete the ‘Quick Contact’ box on this page. Our brochure can be viewed here.

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