4 Ways Outsourcing IT Management Can Help Cyber Security For SMEs

Cybersecurity is a major concern for businesses of all sizes, with SMEs being an easy target for those who seek to find weaknesses in private IT infrastructures. The consequences of poor cyber security for SMEs can be devastating, so why not mitigate the threat with the support of an IT security outsourcing company? In this article, we explore four ways that outsourcing your SME IT support can protect your business from potential threats.

Faster Threat Detection

In the day-to-day hustle and bustle of work, it can be difficult to quickly recognise cyber threats for what they are. Outsourced IT management services have a pure focus on your systems and can more quickly notice and tackle cyber threats. You will also be made aware of any new trends in the types of threats that are occurring over time and be provided with innovative solutions for tackling them.

Expert Infrastructure Setup

Having a strong IT security foundation is vital to cybersecurity. You can trust your outsourced IT management company to advise you on how to keep your computers secure, explore potential weaknesses in your servers and address the security of your overall infrastructure. You will also receive advice on password protection, multi-factor authentication and more.

Anti-virus Software

Viruses can be one of the main ways that hackers can get hold of personal details and cause serious problems for your business. Vantage IT will provide advice on the most suitable anti-virus software that can be installed on your systems when we handle your outsourced IT needs, keeping you safe from malware.

We can’t say we install anti-virus software as standard because it depends on the customer.  We would like to insist that customers install particular anti-virus software as soon as we take them on, but sadly we can’t.

MailSafe Anti-Spam Service

Another way that cybercriminals can access your data and systems is through phishing and spam emails – and in 2019, 31% of SMEs asserted that they had fallen victim to such attacks, causing damage to their systems, leaking information and even resulting in websites being taken down. All of this can cause financial losses and a loss of reputation – so we provide a MailSafe Anti-Spam Service to keep your employees more protected from such threats.

How Vantage IT Can Help With SME IT Support

One way in which your company can fall victim to cyber security threats is through using outdated equipment with less robust built-in security protocols. At Vantage IT, we ensure that your equipment is always up to date, reducing your risks even further.

If you would like to discover how Vantage IT can provide a high level of cyber security support for SMEs, then get in touch to find out more.

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