Guide Dog Buddy Update – Starting Training

Buddy, the guide dog sponsored by Vantage IT, is making great progress. He is being trained by a puppy walker to get him ready to join a person who need him.

His walker has reported that he is maturing and gaining an understanding of what he is expected to do.

Guide Dog Buddy Sponsored by Vantage IT

Buddy Discovering New Sights and Smells

An important part of Buddy’s training is to experience lots of new environments and modes of transport. This will help build his confidence when he encounters new sights and smells in the future and also ensure his future owner can be free to travel.

He has traveled by bus, train and car. He has also visited an airport, which is obviously a very busy place, but Buddy remained calm. In fact, he is so calm that he and his walker are starting to venture into London. They travel via the underground with another puppy walker and her dog, Bruno. In the city, they visit museums and galleries to provide the puppies with new experiences to ensure they will be calm, confident and focused when partnered with their new owners.

No Distractions

It is important that Buddy learns not to be distracted by birds or other animals when he is out. So, as part of his training, he and his puppy walker often sit at the riverside together and watch the world go by. Buddy particularly loves to watch the ducks and swans. Recently, some police horse going by in the street really tested him. He remained focused and wasn’t fazed by their presence. On free runs, Buddy’s recall is great, even when walking through woodland which has lots of new sights, sounds and smells.

Apparently, Buddy has a fantastic awareness of the time of day. Every day, half an hour before tea-time , he waits patiently by his bowl, ready for his meal. After tea he knows it’s playtime so picks up his favourite toy and plays with his puppy walker.

Buddy needs to improve on the lead as he still pulls, especially when other dogs go past, but there is plenty of time to get better with this.

Buddy has made fantastic progress so it won’t be long until he moves on for more training. If you are interested in sponsoring a guide dog or want to find out more about the great work they do, please see the Guide Dogs website. Alternatively, please call us if you would like to discuss guide dogs!