2: Rapid Assistance with International Expansion

We are often asked to supply equipment when companies grow, but we usually install it in local offices.

On this occasion, an international recruitment company with a local office, wanted to open a Polish branch. They needed six PCs, a firewall, switch and printer to be set-up and sent direct to the new office. The firewall was to protect their network and enable the Polish users to access the computer system at the British head office over a secure link (VPN).
All the new computer equipment was to be installed by an employee from the British office who had never done such a thing before, so it all needed to work out of the box – there was to be no opportunity for us to just ‘pop over to help out’. The customer therefore needed clear but comprehensive instructions too. The final requirement was that the new office should be operational within five days!
Although an incredibly challenging request, it was indeed possible and all objectives were achieved. The British employee did call us from Poland for moral support, but no problems were encountered and the Polish office was up and running on time.
Subsequent support was also provided to the Polish office, but thanks to the preparation Vantage IT had made, this was all possible remotely from our own offices.
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