What Does VoIP Do And How Is It Beneficial?

As technology continues to advance towards a cloud-based system, it’s not surprising that the way you use your telephones should be next. Older landlines are being replaced with VoIP phone systems – but what is VoIP and what are the benefits for your business? We take a closer look.

What Is VoIP?

Before exploring the benefits of VoIP, it’s important to understand what VoIP does. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a contemporary telecom system that can be used by businesses of all sizes. VoIP allows you to make calls within a business telecommunications system while using the internet, utilising your desktop computer, laptop or desk telephone to make calls, and eliminating the need for landlines. VoIP is available not only on desktop software but with phone apps, so you aren’t constrained in how or where you use it.


One of the main benefits of VoIP is that you can expect an impressive amount of flexibility for your business. As an SME, you need systems that can grow with you, and VoIP can work well with hundreds of calls. There is also more flexibility due to the system being able to work outside of a central office space, making it beneficial for those working remotely or off-site.

Reduce Costs

Due to the flexible and bespoke nature of VoIP, you only pay for what you use. You won’t be paying line bills, and as you don’t need to maintain an internal telecoms system, your running costs will be slashed. As an SME, you do not need to worry about any unforeseen bills that could impact your bottom line unexpectedly.

Video Capability

It’s increasingly common to use video to contact colleagues and clients, and rather than needing to use two systems for this, VoIP has video call and web conferencing capability, so you aren’t required to regularly switch between systems. This allows your staff to make more personal connections with customers, and as the system can be integrated with your CRM, all the necessary information is easily and readily available. This can increase productivity and the quality of service that your business offers.

Are You Interested In VoIP For Your SME?

Ideal for web conferencing, calls and more, this flexible system can help you to save money and anticipate potential growth effortlessly. If you are interested in introducing VoIP to your SME, then get in touch with Vantage IT today.

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