Vantage IT Protects Customers with Cloud Services

You may be familiar with Cloud backup services from tech giants such as Microsoft, Google and Amazon. Examples of popular Cloud services are Microsoft Azure Backup and Office 365, which is Microsoft’s Email hosting platform.

While these services can be right for some small to medium sized businesses, are they right for your business? Data protection is a concern for every organisation but to some, data loss could lead to prosecution. Several questions to ask yourself are:

  • Can you be sure that your data is protected by encryption, high end firewalls and anti-virus?
  • Is the health status of your Cloud backups and other hosted services actively monitored by your current provider?
  • Can you be sure your data cannot be accessed by a 3rd party organisation?

There is some doubt whether any of the large Cloud providers such as Microsoft, Google or Amazon leave your data alone. Some business sectors, such as legal or financial, also require that their data only resides in UK data centres. Vantage IT provides all of the above peace of mind as standard, and many customers already benefit from these.

What You Get From the Vantage IT Cloud

Vantage IT stands out amongst most other IT support companies as we provide our own in-house Cloud services that are hosted in our secure UK based data centres. We employ state of the art high availability servers in temperature controlled server rooms.

Should the main power to the premises fail, the server cluster will continue to run due to both uninterruptible power supplies and a backup power generator. Remote connectivity is also covered by a leased line with a 100% SLA including broadband backup.

In short, our Cloud Services provide all the reliability and security you could ever need.

Please see our Cloud Solutions page for details of the Cloud services provided by Vantage IT. If you are interested in our services, please contact Vantage IT today for a solution that fits around your requirements.