Environmental Monitoring for Critical IT Environments with iMeter Lite

How do you know what the environment is like that your critical equipment is working in? You need someone monitoring it 24 hours a day and that is what the iMeter Lite does for you.

Monitoring the environment within your critical IT locations is vital. It will ensure network uptime and protect hardware against failure, therefore safeguarding your IT equipment and providing it with optimum working conditions.

The new iMeter Lite environmental monitoring system is suitable for use in a range of locations including:

  • Server rooms
  • Data centres
  • Comms rooms
  • Wiring closets
  • Remote unmanned IT locations
  • Offices
  • Storage and warehousing facilities


The iMeter Lite Alerts You

The iMeter Lite monitors up to four Go-Probe environmental sensors. Configuration is carried out using the simple web browser interface, therefore enabling ease of installation. Users set alarm thresholds to ensure optimum protection of the critical equipment and custom alerting procedures are created so personnel react quickly to potential threats.

Due to a powerful alert-management interface, notification can be tailored to all types of organisational requirements. Users will consequently be alerted to problems via:

  • Local on-screen alerts
  • Email
  • Alarm beacon
  • Dry-contact relay output
  • SNMPset commands sent to existing systems
  • SMS text messages and telephone voice alerts (using optional modem)

If you would like to discuss how the iMeter Lite could benefit you, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.