Cloud Solutions: What Are They And How Can They Benefit Your IT?

Being an SME business owner comes with many responsibilities and knowing how best to resource your company can be challenging. One of the areas you may be looking at is how to provide seamless IT services for your company – and here we will look at how cloud business solutions can help.

What Is A Cloud Solution?

A cloud solution refers to a range of services that can be accessed via an internet connection, through a shared cloud computing framework that is supplied by another provider. These services do not sit on your internal servers and can encompass applications, storage, or on-demand services. A cloud business solution may also refer to computer networks that are not held on a local server.

Which Cloud Services Are Available?

When it comes to cloud services, there are solutions available to meet most of your IT-based needs. For example, DataSafe will provide you with online cloud backup, which ensures that your data is saved in a secure location that is easy to access, and not dependent on any physical machine. You can also use Hosted Exchange cloud email which stores your emails in a safe cloud location, while MailSafe anti-spam service protects your company data from potentially harmful spam.

Other useful cloud services include PatchSafe, which provides a software update service, and WebSafe that can provide security for your email and telecom systems. While you may not require all of these services, each solution can be beneficial for your company.

Why Choose Cloud Solutions?

There are many benefits to cloud solutions. Your employees will all be able to access the same information and services regardless of where they are – they will not necessarily need to be connected to a local server to do so. Cloud solutions are also beneficial in that they relieve the strain from your internal IT resource, giving both added functionality and flexibility to your workforce. It is easy for internal servers to become overloaded, but a cloud-based solution can often grow and change with your company while keeping your information safe and protected.

Cloud business solutions offer a lot of flexibility and freedom for your IT. Putting these cloud solutions in place can help your business to function more seamlessly and take a great deal of strain off your own internal IT department. If you are interested in investing in cloud solutions, or you just want to learn more, please get in touch with Vantage IT to see how we can help you find the best cloud solutions for small businesses.

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